What Is Share Market? How To Earn Money By Investing IN Share Market?

What Is Share Market? How To Earn Money By Investing IN Share Market?

At present, there are many people who are looking to invest in the share market. There are also many people who are already investing in the share market and getting better benefits. In the last few years, the number of people investing in the stock market has increased a lot, this is because there have been many cities which have given very good profits to their investors and made them rich. If you also want to get more information about Share Market, then in this article we will tell you what is Share Market? How to earn money by investing in share market?


What Is Share Market?


Before understanding the share market, it is important to understand what is a share? Actually the Hindi meaning of share is share. That is, when you buy shares of a company, it means that you hold your stake in that company. When a company wants to raise funds for its growth, it invites people to stake. That is, that company issues its shares. Any common investor can buy these shares and keep his stake in the company.


Now let’s talk about what is Share Market? When a company issues its city, an exchange is created to sell those shares, which is called Stock Exchange. You must understand very well that the process of buying and selling is done in any market. In the same way, the place where shares are bought and sold is called Share Market. Here you can buy shares of only those companies which are listed in the stock market. The stock market is enacted by SEBI.


How Many Stock Exchanges Are There In India?


Let us tell you that there are two stock exchanges in India, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), where shares of listed companies can be bought and sold. The index of Bombay Stock Exchange is Sensex which is based on top 30 companies. Apart from this, the index of the National Stock Exchange is Nifty which is based on the performance of the top 50 companies. By looking at these indexes, it can be found out what is the condition of the stock market. If the Sensex and Nifty go down compared to the previous day, it means that the performance of these top companies has been poor.


How To Earn Money By Investing IN Share Market?


If you want to earn money by investing in share market, then it is important for you to have good knowledge about share market. Many people do not know well about it before investing in the share market and invest in the stock of any profitable company. Sometimes they make profits but sometimes they also have to face huge losses. Before investing in any stock, it is necessary to gather complete information about that company and its past performance.


For your information, let us tell you that you cannot buy and sell shares directly by going to the Stock Exchange. A broker is required to buy and sell any stock. For this facility, many brokerage firms have been created from where you can buy and sell any stock. Investing in the share market is not a difficult task. But here before investing in any stock, you must have a Demat Account and Trading Account.


What Is Demat Account?


If you want to trade in share market then you must have Demat account. Whenever you go to open an account in a brokerage firm, it opens your trading account, after which you can start trading. But along with this Trading Account it is also necessary to have a Demat Account. When you buy a share, the price of that share is debited only through Demat Account and at the same time your share is saved in Demat Account in electronic form.


After opening Trading Account and Demat Account, you can go to any share market trading platform (for example UpStox) and invest in the shares of any company. Investing on this platform is very easy and here shares of any company can be bought and sold in just one click. If you buy a share at a lower price and sell it at a higher price, you make a profit. In this way you can earn money from share market. However, it depends on the performance of the market whether the price of a stock will go up or down.


After this, when you sell that share, that share is debited from your Demat Account and the price of that share is transferred to your Demat Account, which you can transfer to your Savings Bank Account. If you want to open Demat Account, then for this you should have PAN Card, Address Proof, Passport Size Photo, Saving Bank Account with Internet Banking and Canceled Check of Saving Bank Account, etc.

What Is SIP? How To Invest In Mutual Funds Through SIP?

What Is SIP? How To Invest In Mutual Funds Through SIP?

If you are working in some place and getting salary per month then investing in SIP is a better option for you. By investing in SIP, you can build a huge corpus after many years and fulfill a big financial goal. Investing in SIP has become a better option these days as very few people have lump sum funds available to invest. In this article we will tell you what is SIP? How to invest in mutual funds through SIP?


What Is The Full Form Of SIP?


The full form of SIP is Systematic Investment Plan. The full form of SIP in Hindi is Systematic Investment Plan. That is, when we invest our money in a systematic way at some place, then it is called investing in SIP.


What Is SIP?


If you want to invest some fixed amount per month in the place of a lump sum investment servant, then this process is called SIP. For example, if you invest ₹ 1000 per month by not investing a lump sum amount in this mutual fund, then the process of this investment is called investing in SIP. By investing in SIP, you can build a huge corpus in a few years and can also get better returns.


It is not that you can only invest in mutual fund SIP, but making recurring deposits is also a way of SIP. Apart from this, many such government schemes are also run in which you can invest through SIP and create a huge fund in a few years. You all must have heard about Provident Fund, it is also a form of SIP as a fixed amount is deposited in it every month.


However, at present, a lot of people are investing in Mutual Fund SIPs. If you invest in any mutual fund through SIP, then you have to invest a fixed amount month after month instead of investing a lump sum amount. Due to this, even if there is any fluctuation in the performance of the mutual fund, it does not affect your fund much. People investing in mutual funds through SIP should think about investing in equities. Because it offers less risk and better return opportunities.


What Is SIP In Mutual Fund?


If you want to invest in Mutual Funds through SIP, then before that you need to know that Mutual Fund market is subject to risks. That is why you should first read all the documents related to the scheme carefully. However, mutual funds are managed by fund managers. Those fund managers do a thorough analysis of the market and the company to come up with the best funds for you, with low risk and high return opportunities.


Mutual fund experts agree that investing in mutual funds is a better option for any new investor than investing in the stock market. Because here your fund is managed by the fund manager, so it gives you better returns despite the volatility in the market. Because these fund managers do a complete analysis of the past performance and future performance prospects of any company and make better funds available to the investors. In such a situation, investing in mutual funds is less risky.


How To Invest In Mutual Fund Through SIP?


If you want to invest in mutual funds through SIP, then first of all you should look for a mutual fund investment platform. Upstox and Paytm Money are fast emerging as the best platforms to invest in mutual funds in India. That’s why you can choose any one of these. After this you have to create an account on it and have to do full KYC for it. For full KYC, you must have Aadhar card and PAN card. Along with this, you also need to have a savings bank account.


After creating your account on any mutual fund investment platform and getting its full KYC done, you can invest in any mutual fund. Before investing in any mutual fund, you need to know about SIP method. After this you have to set an amount of investment per month. After that you can buy that mutual fund and deposit a fixed amount every month to build a bigger corpus after few years and fulfill any big financial goal.

Pros and Cons of investing in a new Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency introductory coin offerings (ICOs) are bets. They can make colossal returns on your investment.

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Yet in addition, accompany extraordinary volatility and hazard. Even though individuals have been discussing the dangers related to ICOs for some time now, major monetary organizations, for example, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are starting to take a gander at investing in the segment.

Regardless of whether you have a lot of capital or a smidgen of additional money, cryptocurrency is an investment worth investigating. Here are a couple of the upsides and downsides related to a cryptocurrency ICO.

Pros No. 1: Massive potential for returns.

One of the insights that make everybody consider investing in cryptocurrency is that $1,200 put resources into Bitcoin in 2013 would be cost over $400,000 presently.

Late ICOs have made different tremendous returns in a short time. Stratis raised $600,000 amid their ICO in June 2016 and has since seen a 63,000 percent ascend in the cost. Spectrecoin brought $15,000 up in January 2017 amid their ICO and has since ascended more than 13,000 percent.

Pros No. 2: Shorter time horizon.
Since cryptocurrencies are more hazardous investments, it is best to contrast them with edge investing and funding investing. Datum propelled their ICO in late October 2017, having officially brought $1.5 million up in pre-ICO reserves.

Since cryptocurrencies are network-based and Datum has officially gotten a groundswell of help, financial specialists know it is likely that they can start liquidating out their investments moderately rapidly.

Pros No. 3: Increased liquidity.

When you buy value in a startup, to accept a profit, you have to discover somebody to buy the value from you or sit tight for an obtaining or IPO to happen. Be that as it may, none of these alternatives enable you to hold when your money out your investment.

On the off chance that a cryptocurrency ICO can manufacture a sufficiently strong network, for example, the 56,000-part Datum network, financial specialists quickly have significantly more liquidity and can offer their cryptocurrency for ether or dollars immediately.

Con No. 1: Increased volatility.

When contrasted with investing in the stock exchange or even land, cryptocurrency ICOs are substantially more unpredictable. Issues, for example, hacking occurrences can make financial specialists lose the greater part of their investment rapidly. Without a doubt, such intense episodes are uncommon, yet real drops in ICO esteem are not unbelievable.

Con No. 2: Potential network stall.

The genuine estimation of any cryptocurrency depends on building a solid item that a huge network of clients will need to utilize. In any case, if these networks either neglect to pull in clients or never get clients to use the platform, at that point the cash will probably observe a drop-off in cost. A considerable lot of the current ICOs that neglected to perform after propelling did as such because of an absence of network engagement.

Con No. 3: a Potential shortage of resources.

Similarly, as new businesses can come up short on resources and be not able to proceed with operations if a cryptocurrency ICO does not sufficiently collect cash or the startup spends more cash than anticipated, the entryways shut and the network truly takes off. Numerous cryptocurrencies are doing pre-ICO bringing up to have solid responsibilities of resources and demonstrated interest in the cash